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Dr. Y. Philomena is the Founder-Director, Correspondent and Principal of Villa Marie Group. She has Doctorate in Economics and a strong supporter of Women Rights.

About Dr. Y. Philomena

Dr. Y. Philomena is the Founder-Director, Correspondent and Principal of Villa Marie Group. It is her vision to be at the top that has made Villa Marie Group the most sort after Women’s college in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad today. She is an epitome of great values and believes that education is one of the abilities, which makes a person distinguish right and wrong, good and bad.

Being a Doctorate in Economics herself, she feels extremely privileged to have received such education and wants to spread the same across the globe. That’s the sole reason she started the Villa Marie Group way back in 1991.

Her indomitable willpower and grace has always been a guiding force for the Villa Marians and has forced them to believe that if one has set his/her mind on the goal, he/she can overcome any obstacle effortlessly. A strong supporter of woman power, Dr. Philomena has inspired a lot of women to opt for education and excel in their areas of interest.

Principal – Dr. Philomena

“She who would lead must first be willing to serve”

From the Founder’s Desk

Welcome to Villa Marie Degree College for Women. You have just embarked on a journey of innovation and revelation – a drive that is as much about you as it is about the larger world that you dwell in. Villa Marie Degree College with its ideals of women’s emancipation and empowerment will enable you to ascertain, articulate and appreciate yourself.

The College with its ambience serves as the fulcrum of Teacher-Learner interface, the hub of all academic transactions and eventually the touchstone of a learner’s competence level Villa Marie Degree College is about YOU! You are at the core of its dream – a dream that upholds the value of impartiality and concord.

Come, Let us walk this exhilarating path together!

Vice Principal – Ms. Chinnamma

About Ms. Chinnamma

Ms. Chinnamma is the Vice-Principal of the prestigious Villa Marie Group. Being an energetic woman herself, Ms. Chinnamma has always managed to bring out the best in students.

She is the driving force of Villa Marie Group. She is and has always been a source of constant encouragement for the staff and most importantly the students. Working meticulously is her innate nature and this can be seen in the passion through which she delivers her works, giving inspirational speeches to students.

She is an inspiration to every Villa Marian when it comes to perseverance and commitment. She is a kind and compassionate lady involved in all aspects of college administration. After Dr Philomena, she is the women of great zeal and someone to look up to when it comes to overcoming hurdles and winning against all odds.

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