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Light that dispels darkness and spreads its brightness is the most essential component of the universe. Education is the movement from darkness to light. As a seat of learning, we continue to believe in lighting the way. Villa Marie Degree College for Women is the most diversed among pear institutions and our students are young entrepreneurs, accomplished artists and athletes of international repute who break their records. We are proud of all the academic opportunities we offered our students. The academic interventions helped the students reach their goals where all student excelled the areas they pursued. The report gives the snapshot of the academic initiatives of the degree college during the year 2018 – 2019.  



2/6/2018 Department of Physical Education Villa Marie Degree College for Women represented the Partille Cup 2018
23/6/2018 to 26/6/2018 Department of Physical Education Junior National Fist ball championship
28/06/2018 Department of Management & Arts Orientation to the BBA & BA I-Year students
29/06/2018 Department of Commerce & Science Orientation to the B.Com & BSc I-Year students
10/7/2018 Department of Arts Guest lecture on “Development Communication in India Journalism” By Mrs. DVL Padma Priya for the students of BA III - year
11/7/2018 Department of Arts Guest lecture on Reporting & Editing by Mr. Dharmavarapu Nagarjuna for BA III - year
16/7/2018 Department Of Management Quintano – Empowering Research. Research based presentations by the students of BBA II - Year
28/7/2018 Villa Marie Degree College for Women Freshers Party - 2018-2019 “NOVA FIESTA – A Retro Rhapsody”
3/8/2018 Department of Management Outbound training - Trip to Deccan Trails for BBA Final year
11/8/2018 Department of Arts Field visit cum philanthropic visit to Kamkole Village by the students of BA Political Science I/II/III - year
28/8/2018 29/8/2018 Department of Physical Education Winners in Badminton
28/8/2018 to 29/8/2018 Department of Physical Education Table Tennis - 3rd Place
5/9/2018 Villa Marie Degree College for Women Teachers Day Celebration
7/9/2018 Department of Commerce Industrial visit to Pochampally Village by the students of B.Com (Foreign Trade)
7/9/2018 Department of Science “IMAZE” – An event conducted by the students of BSc, showcasing the current technologies in Computers.
10/9/2018 Department of Management Workshop on Communication Skills by Dr. Lakshmi Mantha for BBA Ist Year
18/9/2018 Department of Arts “BRAINTAINMENT” - 7th annual psychology workshop Organised by the students of BA (Psychology) II-year and III-year.
18/9/2018 19/9/2018 Department of Physical Education Basketball – 3rd Place
19/9/2018 Villa Marie Education Society Funds raised towards Kerala Floods
19/9/2019 Villa Marie Degree College for Women Funds raised towards the senior citizens for “Little Sisters of the Poor” – Old Age Home
24/9/2018 25/9/2018 Department of Physical Education Chess – 2nd Place
25/9/2018 Department of Arts “CLICK FEST” – a photography contest organized by the students of BA (Mass Communication & Journalism)
28/9/2018 Department of Commerce Field visit to Radio City FM station by the students of B.Com (Advertising)
28/9/2018 Department of Commerce/strong> “TECHNOVATION” – An event organised by the students of B.Com (Computers)
7/10/2018 to 2/11/2019 Villa Marie College International Tour to East Coast of USA and Canada covering Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Boston, New York & Orlando (San Fransisco)
9/10/2018 to 16/10/2018 Villa Marie College National Tour to Sikkim – Darjeeling & Gangtok
26/10/2018 to 29/8/2018 Department of Physical Education Asian Throwball Club Championship
3/11/2018 to 4/11/2018 Department of Physical Education Volleyball – 3rd Place
11/11/2018 to 14/11/2018 Department of Physical Education Federation Cup Throwball - Haryana
25/1/2019 Department of Arts Field trip to Annapurna Film Studios by BA Final Year
18/2/2019 Department of Management “JAMBOREE” – The Villa Mela 2K19 – An event organised by the students of BBA III –year
9/2/2019 Department of Language Educational visit to Chowmohalla Palace by the students of II - Year
12/2/2019 Department of Languages Intercollegiate competition in FRENCH
15/2/2019 Department of Commerce Industrial visit to Masqati Dairy Centre by the students of B.Com (Advertising)
20/2/2019 Department of Commerce Seminar on Admissions and requirements criteria in foreign universities by Mr. Gary Bergman for students of B.Com III - year
21/2/2019 Department of Arts “THE FOURTH ESTATE” organised by the students of BA (Mass Communication) I-Year & II-Year
22/2/2019 Department of Commerce ‘COMÉRCIO ESCENA’ – A Curtain Raiser
25/2/2019 Department of Arts ‘ FLICK FEST’ - A short film festival by BA final year
26/2/2019 Villa Marie Degree College for Women A tribute to the martyrs of the Pulwama attack that took place on 14th February 2019.
28/2/2019 Department of Science MATHEMATICA – Realms of Maths A seminar by the students of BSc
28/2/2019 Department of Commerce An educational field visit to the Visakhapatnam Port and Visakha Container Terminal by the B.Com (Foreign Trade)
1/3/2019 Department of Management Outbound training - Trip to Deccan Trails for BBA Second Year
1/3/2019 Department of Commerce Field visit to Jay Foods by the Students of B.Com (Computers)
5/3/2019 Villa Marie Degree College for Women Guest Lecture on “Career Progression” by Mr. SM. Lateef – Global hiring leader of GENPACT, for the final year students
6/3/2019 Villa Marie Degree College for Women “International Women’s Day” celebrated in association with SHE Teams Telangana
19/3/2019 Department of Arts A Guest lecture on ‘NEURO COGNITIVE DISORDERS’ by Dr. Sirisha from KIMS hospital for II & Final year psychology students
23/3/2019 Department of Arts Field Trip to “HIDDEN CASTLE” for BA second & final year
26/3/2019 Department of Physical Education The students of Villa Marie Degree College for Women were at their sportive best and played in the spirit of the game in Cricket & Basketball
29/3/2019 & 30/3/2019 Department of Commerce Outbound training – A field trip to Deccan Trails for B.Com final year
1/4/2019 Department of Management “DESIGN, DEVELOP, DIFFERENTIATE” – Students of BBA I – year were given existing product which they had to innovate and design a new product along with developing the marketing strategy.
2/4/2019 Department of Arts Field Trip to Govt. Mental Hospital for BA (Psychology Final year)
27/4/2019 Villa Marie Degree College for Women Farewell Party for Final year students by the Juniors
27/4/2019 Department of Arts Release of the Annual College Magazine – ELYSIAN

Paving Way For The Freshers – Orientation

New beginnings are always celebrated with joyous welcome in Villa Marie Degree College. The new batch of 2018 – 2019 was welcomed by organising an orientation with interactive sessions between seniors and freshers. The students were taken on a virtual tour of the campus and the scope of all the courses.

Guest Lectures, Seminars And Workshops

“Development Communication in Indian Journalism” by Mrs. DVL Padma Priya, Development Communication Specialist for the students of BA III – year.
“Reporting and Editing for Print Media” by Dr. Dharmavarapu Nagarjuna, A Senior Journalist for the students of BA III – year.
“Neuro Cognitive Disorders” by Dr. Sirisha – KIMS Hospital for the students of BA (Psychology) – III year.
A workshop on Communication Skills by Dr. Lakshmi Mantha for the students of BBA I – year.
A seminar on “Admissions & Requirements Criteria in Foreign Universities” by Mr. Gary Bergman for the students of B.Com III – year.
“Career Progression” by Mr. SM Lateef – Global Hiring Leader & Vice President of GENPACT, for the students of final year.

Field Visits, Industrial Visits and Outbound Training

Students of BBA III year and BBA II year visited “DECCAN TRAILS” as a part of their outbound training in team management skills.
Students of Degree II year visited “Chowmohalla Palace” as part of the Second language to be educated in French and Arabic.
Students of B.Com Foreign Trade I, II & III years visited “POCHAMPALLY VILLAGE” to understand the nuances of manufacturing and processing of products in the Industry.
Students of B.Com Advertising visited the Radio City FM Station to practically experience the Verbal Marketing Strategies and Communication Skills.
Students of B.Com Advertising visited “Masqati Dairy Centre” to practically understand the working of a Processing Industry.
Students of B.Com Computers visited Jai Foods Industry to enhance their knowledge in manufacturing and processing Industries.
Students of B.Com (Foreign Trade) visited “VISHAKHAPATNAM PORT” and “VISHAKHA CONTAINER TERMINAL” to gain hands on experience in the shipping practices and procedures and also to comprehend the complete packaging for export & inport.
Students of B.Com final year visited “DECCAN TRAILS” to have a fun loving experience in outbound training in team management.
Students of BA Political Science I, II & III years visited Kamkole Village at Sangareddy district for a social and educational cause. The purpose of the visit was to understand the Village Panchayat Raj System and the working of local self governing bodies. Students distributed toys for Anganwadi and donated general knowledge books, comic books to the Library along with stationary kits to the students of 9th & 10th standard. Students entertained and educated them by conducting quiz and games.
Students of BA final year Mass Communication & Journalism visited “Annapurna Film Studios” as part of the practical exposure in the field of Film Making.
Students of BA Political Science & Psychology visited “HIDDEN CASTLE” where they got an opportunity to capture pictures as part of their Academic Media Course.
Students of BA III year visited “GOVERNMENT MENTAL HOSPITAL” to have a practical understanding of the curriculum in Abnormal Psychology.

Literary and Academic Events, Presentations and Competitions

Students of BSc (Computer Science) II & III year conducted “IMAZE – turning ideas into reality.” – An event to show the application of Scientific knowledge for practical purposes and the application of information, imagination and initiative to drive greater and different values from resources. Students exhibited their products and models which included Android and Bluetooth controlled doorlock, voice controlled robots, robotic arm, RFID (radio frequency identification) attendance monitor. The event was judged by Mr. Gajendra Singh, from TCS and Mr. Ankit Jain from Wipro.
Students of BSc (Mathematics) organised “MATHEMATICA – Realms of Mathematics” in which presentations were made in the applications of Mathematics in real life situations. Presentations were on Devil’s Triangle, Titanic – a titan epic, Calculus and Adventures in Space.
Students of B.Com Computers organised “TECHNOVATION”. It gave the students a platform to demonstrate information technology in Software & Hardware in various sectors. Also students displayed new upcoming applications in technology which enhanced the knowledge of all the viewers in the workshop. The event was judged by Mr. Sushanth Abhishek, who is a Transformational Business & Technology Strategist. He has over 15 years of experience in setting up and heading profitable IT Businesses.
Students of B.Com Advertising and Foreign Trade organised an extravagant vivid expo titled “COMERCIO ESCENA” at Jaya Gardens, Somajiguda. The curtain raiser commenced with our honourable Director Dr. Philomena undulating the Villa Marie Flag. A glimpse of cultural event was showcased. Contingents of 8 different countries, from India to Germany, to China and Saudi Arabia, paraded and represented the culture, trade and traditions of each country. The Chief Guest for the event was Mrs. K. Kavitha – MP Telangana state who advocated the budding artists and young entrepreneurs of Villa Marie. Among the esteemed guests were Ms. Aruna Bahuguna – 1st Lady IPS Officer, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan – Principal Secretary to the Government of Telangana and Dr. Ruchi Ranjan – Child Psychologist who appreciated the students for their endeavour. The students displayed various products and models representing the trade relations and global business partners of India with other Nations sharing an affinity with the world of Economics, Trade and Commerce. They also hosted cultural performances portraying different forms of dances of various countries, followed by a Fashion Show on the themes of “Enchanted Forest” & “Brides of India”.


“STRATEGIA” is a business fest empowering young minds towards entrepreneurship. It comes with holistic attitude and integrated perspectives of the business world. “STRATEGIA” gives students of BBA a taste of all the areas in business fest based on entrepreneurial development, human resource, marketing, finance and public relations with exceptionally high standards. In 2018, “STRATEGIA” threw light on empowering research “QUINTANO”; which reflected research based presentations on social causes in order to sensitise young minds.
Students of BBA I year organised “DESIGN, DEVELOP, DIFFERENTIATE” wherein students were given an existing product which had to be innovated and designed into a new product along with developing a marketing strategy. Ms. Deepthi & Phanisri from WEAIM were the esteemed judges for the presentations.
Students of BBA III year organised a Business Fest “JAMBOREE – the villa mela 2k19”to get a hands on experience with a Business Market setup at the campus. The fest took place with a sequential promotional series which included dances and games. 11 food stalls, Astrology, Bangle Making and Mehendi tattoo stalls were organised in the fest. The objective was to understand the actual business market and gain the skills in competition, negotiation, logistics, time management, team work and communication.
Students of Mass Communication & Journalism organised “CLICK FEST” – The Photography Festival. Students displayed their photographs and participated in the competition in various categories like Landscape and Architecture, Suspense, Simple and Beautiful, Product shoot for advertising, Nature, Portraits, Social issues and Life at Villa Marie. The entries were judged by Mr. Vineeth Methuselah, a professional photographer, Mr. Jim George, from advertising industry and Mr. Sunil Rupani.
The 7th Annual Psychology Workshop - “BRAINTAINMENT” was organised by the students of BA Psychology II year. The concept of the workshop was PERSONALITY where in 7 centres including Attention, Memory and Motivation on “Personality Analysis” was conducted.
Students of BA Mass Communication & Journalism organised “FOURTH ESTATE – Mass Communication Fest”. The two day event showcased Types of Journalism like Sports, Fashion, Science, Investigative and Politics. A Museum on Evolution of Mass Media also was exhibited. Competitions were conducted in Slam Poetry, On Spot Photography and On Spot Advertising. The event culminated with Cos Play where students depicted various characters.
Students of BA III year conducted “FLICK FEST – a short film festival” in accordance with the certificate course in Film Making. 11 films were screened in fiction and non-fiction categories. The films were judged by Ms. Bhargavi Pillai – Actor, Creative Writer and Performing Artist and Mr. Rahul Palnitkar – Director for Advertising Campaigns and Commercials.
Students of BA Modern Language English Literature final year presented Monologues on American Literature on the Theme of "AMERICAN CIVIL WAR".
In pursuance of the certificate program "Writing for Media", the students of BA II year conceptualised and edited the Annual College Magazine 2018 – 2019 "ELYSIAN" which was released by our honourable Director Dr. Philomena.
Students pursuing FRENCH as Second Language participated in Inter Collegiate competition in French Language at Sarojini Naidu Vanita Maha Vidyalay. Students won awards in Just a Minute and Poster Making.


Villa Marie Degree College for Women hosted "NOVA FIESTA – a retro rhapsody" the Freshers Party 2018 – 2019 at Classic Gardens on the theme “RUBIK’S CUBE” along with the concept of Retro to Metro. The seniors executed the theme beautifully through their dance performances. The judges for the Ms. Freshers Contest were Ms. Priyanka Dutt - Co-Producer of the movie “MAHANATI” and Ms. Krutika Singh – Model, Actress and a Alumni of Villa Marie. Ms. K. Sushma was crowned Ms. Fresher 2018 – 2019.
Farewell is one of the most memorable events in Villa Marie Degree College. This year’s farewell "VENI VIDI VICI" instilled a twist of happy and sad emotions where the seniors were happy to have been graduated but sad for leaving a place they called home years. Ms. Villa Marie contest was held and Ms. Shrutika Singh was crowned Miss Villa Marie 2018 – 2019.


Students of Villa Marie Degree College celebrated TEACHER’S DAY on 5th September 2018. Fun loving games were organised by the students and gifts were presented to all staff. Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. conducted “Best Message for Teachers” competition. Students expressed their respect, love and affection for their teachers and prizes were given by the company to the best three messages.
On 6th March 2019, Villa Marie Degree College celebrated "INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY", celebrating the glory of womanhood. The event was held in association with “SHE TEAMS”, Hyderabad, Telangana. Ms. Shikha Goel IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Crimes and SIT graced the events. Mr. V. Ravi, Official SHE TEAMS coach demonstrated various self defence techniques and Karate moves that the girls performed enthusiastically. Various competitions were conducted like Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Short Film Making and Advertisement Making that truly spoke about the spirit of Feminism.


Villa Marie Degree College bridges the gap between college and Industry through certificate programs. To create smart, young and dynamic professionals, academic excellence alone is not enough, which is why, emphasis is laid on grooming the students and provide them a complete corporate makeover. Training is imparted to equip students with specific skills to make them employable and also opt for higher education in emerging areas. These programs are conducted by an accomplished team of senior personnel, industry experts and specialists.  



1 Soft Skills I - YEAR B.Com General, B.Com Computers, BA Political Science , BA Psychology & BSc Mr. Srinivas Prasad
2 Digital Marketing I - YEAR B.Com (Advertising & Foreign Trade) & BBA Mr. Amardeep Singh
3 Industry, Interface, Initiative Program (IIIP) – Finance, HR & Marketing II - YEAR B.Com General, B.Com Computers, B.Com (Advertising & Foreign Trade) Mr. Amardeep Singh
4 Industry, Interface, Initiative Program (IIIP) – Finance, HR & Marketing II - YEAR BBA Mr. Amardeep Singh
5 SAS - Statistical Analysis System II - YEAR B.Sc Mr. Anjan Kumar
6 Writing for Media II - YEAR BA Political Science & BA Psychology Mr. Arun Daniel
7 Brand Management III - YEAR BBA Mr. Rajesh Pershad
8 Short Film Making III - YEAR BA Political Science, BA Psychology Mr. Sunil Rupani



1 Personality Development B.Com General & BSc I - year Mr. Ahmed Gulam Mohiuddin
2 Personality Development B.Com Computers, B.Com Advertising & Foreign Trade I - year Dr. Lakshmi Mantha
3 Personality Development BBA I – year, BA Political Science & BA Psychology I - year Mr. Kiran Chander
4 Campus to Corporate B.Com General, B.Com Computers, B.Com Advertising, B.Com Foreign Trade, BBA, BA Political Science, BA Psychology & BSc II –year Mr. Amardeep Singh
5 SAS - Statistical Analysis System B.Sc II - year Mr. K.P. Chandar
6 TALLY BBA III - year Mr. Chandra Shekhar
7 Short Film Making BA Political Science, BA Psychology III - year Mr. Sunil Rupani















The aim of the Internship Placement Division of Villa Marie Degree College is to foster awareness and cognizance of the realistic market. The recruitment process commenced with a workshop by Mr. Amardeep Singh, growth strategist and experimental learning facilitator, entitled "BCARD" an acronym of (Business Communication & Resume Designing) to help students gain entry into a suitable employment.

PLACEMENTS 2018-2019

Villa Marie Degree College takes pride and honour in announcing over 300 placements of our students in reputed companies this year.
2 GENPACT B.Com, BBA, BA, B.Sc 41


Villa Marie Degree College has always been the nexus, emphasising on academic excellence. The institution stands out with 100% pass percentage putting Villa Marie on the meritorious list and being the most consistent, high performing college in twin cities.


Students of Villa Marie Degree College participated in "THE PINK RIBBON CAMPAIGN – breast cancer awareness program" to spread awareness of breast cancer and salute breast cancer conquerors. The
The management, staff and students of Villa Marie stood with Kerala and raised funds towards the flood havoc in Kerala. Villa Marie joined the rebuilding efforts by contributing generously towards the Disaster Relief Fund.
"LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR – HOME FOR THE AGED" visited Villa Marie Degree College. The students enthusiastically and generously extended their share in huge numbers. Students
Students of Villa Marie Degree College visited "LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR – HOME FOR THE AGED" and were very happy to meet the senior citizens there. They learnt how to take care of their parents when they grow old. The students generously extended their helping hand to the old age home.
Management, staff and students of Villa Marie Degree College paid a tribute to the Martyrs of Pulwama attack that took place on 14th February, 2019. A human chain was made to depict the unity and integrity of our Nation.


The Handball team of Villa Marie Degree College had the opportunity to take advanced training in Handball from the distinguished coaches from Germany, Mr. Robert Butzman, Mr. Nikolas Harder and Mr. Hennrik Wieldwald. This advanced training facilitated the team to participate in the international Handball tournament in Sweden and Denmark. Partille
Partille Cup of Sweden and Dronning Lund of Denmark had conducted the World’s largest Handball tournament in Sweden and Denmark; where the Villa Marie Handball Team had represented India and secured third position. The tournament took place across Sweden and Denmark in which Villa Marie Handball team played against countries like Brazil, Nepal, Denmark, Mexico and Sweden.
The Fist Ball Federation of India which is affiliated to International Fist Ball Federation and Asian Fist Ball Federation conducted the 6th Senior National Fist Ball Championship 2018 at Indira Gandhi Stadium, Himachal Pradesh. Villa Marie Degree College represented Telangana State as a National team in the tournament.
Students of Villa Marie Degree College participated in Inter Collegiate Tournament in Osmania University and emerged winners in Badminton.
Ms. Hanifa Khatoon of Degree first year won the third place in All India Table Tennis Championship held in Chennai. She also won Gold in the South Zone category in Chennai. She also participated in Senior Table tennis National Championship in Cuttack. Villa Marie Degree College proudly announces that Ms. Hanifa has been selected for KHELO INDIA.
Our Basket Ball Team participated and secured the third place in Osmania University Inter Collegiate Basket Ball Tournament.
In Osmania University inter Collegiate Chess Championship; Villa Marie Degree College bagged the 2nd place.
Villa Marie Degree College for Women represented in the Asian Throw Ball Club Series Championship held in Kualalumpur and won the GOLD MEDAL.
The Throw Ball team represented Telangana State in the Federation Cup of Throw Ball and won the BRONZE MEDAL.
The Sports Department of Villa Marie Degree College organised Inter – Departmental sports event in Cricket & Basket Ball. Honourable Director Dr. Philomena presented the Rolling Cup to the winners.


Villa Marie Degree College organised an International tour to United States of America and Canada. The 15 days trip included Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Boston, New York and Orlando.
An exciting National Tour was organised to exotic North – East touring the cities Darjeeling, Gangtok &Nepal border during the term vacation.


Villa Press is an initiative taken by Villa Marie Degree College to represent the events happening in the college through students. The Department of Arts represents “Villa Press” which gives a virtual image of the important events happening in various departments. The Facebook page is Villa Press. Villa Press has also launched a new page on Instagram.