Avant Garde

Principal – Dr. Philomena

“She who would lead must first be willing to serve.”

Our reverend Principal, Dr. Philomena is the Founder-Director and Correspondent of Villa Marie College. She is an outstanding personality with a vision to create Villa Marie College as a distinguished centre of excellence to nurture and transform the talent of young minds through quality and value based education. Her life inspires us to live life on our terms. She carried a dream with her for so many years to contribute to the society by educating the young minds and thus she defined “success”. A Doctorate in Economics, she is the lady who has scripted her own success story in this new age world. She has the narrative arc which symbolises women power. She is the lady who looks at the big picture and plans strategically

From the Founder’s Desk

Welcome to Villa Marie Degree College for Women. You have just embarked on a journey of innovation and revelation – a drive that is as much about you as it is about the larger world that you dwell in. Villa Marie Degree College with its ideals of women’s emancipation and empowerment will enable you to ascertain, articulate and appreciate yourself.

The College with its ambience serves as the fulcrum of Teacher-Learner interface, the hub of all academic transactions and eventually the touch stone of a learner’s competence level.

Villa Marie Degree College is about YOU! You are at the core of its dream – a dream that upholds the value of impartiality and concord.

Come, Let us walk this exhilarating path together!

Vice Principal – Ms. Chinnamma

What makes her important perhaps more than success is the flame of inspiration she ignites in many young minds. Her constant encouragement, her active involvement and her dedication to the college is conspicuous. Her focus and determination and her passion reflects with the kind of interaction she has with the staff and students. Her perseverance and commitment is a boost to the students which helps in tapping their potential. She is a dynamic lady full of vigour and promise to weal ahead with no looking back.

From The Vice Principal’s Desk

You stand on the threshold of a completely new world. The world that opens a future full of promise, the promise of a brilliant career. A career making decision is not just about syllabi, books, exams & results.It is about a dream, how you want your life to be & what goals you have set for yourself. It is here, at the crossroads, that Villa Marie Degree College takes you in the direction where your heart lies. The environment in the college is such as to stir the creative spirit of the students beyond one’s imagination and to help in the understanding of the world beyond the boundaries of learning.

At Villa Marie, our students also explore new domains from the field of Art & Design apart from the conventional fields. Leadership qualities, Entrepreneurship skills & professionalism are ingrained in the students till they emerge as confident professional women entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Villa Marie places a high premium on the overall personality development of each student.The Institute believes that every student has an innate talent that needs to be recognized, tapped& brought forth. We promise to continue this ongoing effort for overall excellence.

Welcome to the Institute, Discover yourself!!