BA (Psychology, Communication & Journalism, Modern Language – English Literature)

Course Overview and Significance

Villa Marie pioneers in the field of Media Psychology by offering a unique combination of Mass Communications and Psychology together. This field encompasses the full range of human experience of media—including affect, cognition, and behavior—in activities, events, theories, and practices. Media include all forms of mediated communication, such as pictures, sound, graphics, content and emerging technologies. This exclusive BA course with Mass Comm. and Psychology gives the students a significant opportunity to use media in new and creative ways, by understanding how psychology and media work together. English Modern Language as an elective provides ample opportunities for students to develop their creativity, sharpen their critical and analytical skills and enhance their language proficiency. It broadens their awareness of the culture of different places where English is used, enhances their appreciation and understanding of the World as a culturally diverse global society.


AECC 1 – Environmental Studies AECC 2 – Gender Sensitisation
CC 1A – English CC 1B – English
CC 2A – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French CC 2B – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French
DSC I(A) – Psychology – General Psychology DSC I(B) – Psychology – Cognitive and Behavioural Processes
DSC I – Communication and Journalism – Introduction to Communication and Journalism DSC II – Communication and Journalism – Mass Media in India
DSC I – Modern Language – English Literature – History of Language, Literary Terms and Movements, Critical Analysis of Prose and Poetry DSC II – Modern Language – English Literature – English Poetry; Selections from British Poetry – 16th to 20th century


Skill Enhancement Course I Skill Enhancement Course II
CC 1C – English CC 1D – English
CC 2C – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French CC 2D – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French
DSC I(C) – Psychology – Personality Theories and Assessment DSC I(D) – Psychology – Statistics in Psychology
DSC III – Communication and Journalism – Paper III DSC IV – Communication and Journalism – Paper VI
DSC III – Modern Language – English Literature – Elements of Drama; One full-length play and two one-act plays DSC IV – Modern Language – English Literature – Elements of Fiction; one novel and two short stories


Skill Enhancement Course III Skill Enhancement Course IV
GE I(E)– Enhancing Psychological Competencies – I GE I(F)– Enhancing Psychological Competencies – II
DSC I(E) – Social Psychology DSC I(F) – Abnormal Psychology
 (A) – Adolescent Psychology
(B) – Educational Psychology
 (A) – Health Psychology
(B) – Cognitive Psychology
DSC V – Communication and Journalism – Paper V DSC VI– Communication and Journalism – Paper V
DSC V – Modern Language – English Literature – American Literature DSC VI– Modern Language – English Literature – Postcolonial Literature
DCE I – Modern Language – English Literature –
(A) – Science Fiction
(B) – Partition Literature
DCE II – Modern Language – English Literature –
(A) – Criticism
(B) – ELT

AECC: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
SEC: Skill Enhancement Course
DSC: Discipline Specific Course
DSE: Discipline Specific Elective

DCE: Discipline Centric Elective
GE: Generic Elective

VILLA Advantages

  • Practical exposure as per the standards of media industry
  • Guest Lectures from Psychologists, Journalists, Advertising professionals, Filmmakers, Writers & professors from other universities
  • Field trips to media houses, ad agencies, TV channels, NGOs, Counseling Centers etc.
  • Individual & team based activities including Film-making, PSM making, seminars, presentations, project work, Press Conference
  • Literary competitions for a competitive edge

Admission Guidelines:

Students who have passed the Intermediate examination/CBSE/ICSE or its equivalent are eligible for admission into B.A. (Psychology, Communication & Journalism, Modern Language – English Literature)