What is it to be a Villa Marian?

The best part of a student life is that you can never get the same feeling again in your life. And then being a Villa Marian is altogether the most different and an exciting feeling.

I’m right now in my first year of graduation, but it feels as if I’ve been in Villa Marie for so long time. I’ve really enjoyed enormously in this 1 year and this made me even realize the meaning of living in the moment which many spiritual people always seem to be talking about.

Frankly speaking, I’m a very studious student. But Villa Marie has introduced me to my childish part, which I myself was not aware of all these years. It has brought out my best out of me & this is through the various events, competitions which keep happening every now and then in the Villa premises.

Why do we grow in life, why can’t student life be forever are few questions that keep rising in my mind when I see my seniors juggling to finish their assignments and working hard to get a job in their dream companies. But I guess that’s life –all things have to come to an end.

But this is no way going to stop me from enjoying the remaining 2 years of my college life. To be a Villa Marian was my father’s choice which I had not accepted until the time I entered the premises.

However, now, I’m thankful to my dad for having introduced me to this college. Because if he would not force me to join this extraordinary college, I would never know the true meaning of life.

Yes, now I can proudly agree with those who say “life is to be enjoyed and not endured”. If anyone wants to enjoy life to the core and then at the same time be focused on their career, they should definitely join Villa Marie Group.

East Or West, Being A Villa Marian Is The Best!!



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