BSc (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science)

Course Overview and Significance

A three year degree program which combines software engineering techniques with mathematics & statistics. All these subject areas give you a wide area of expertise in Mathematical Sciences. Numerical methods for problem solving, statistical modelling and scientific computing are central. Mathematics concentrates on mathematical methods and techniques and their applications in modern day life. The course basically focuses on developing mathematical skills in algebra, calculus and data analysis. It also prepares you for higher studies. Statistics focuses on the concept of developing statistical models and techniques to analyse data. This course is specially designed for students looking for a career in the IT industry. The course covers all aspects of computers right from the basis of Operating System to Database Management Systems & advanced courses like Web Technologies, GUI Programming with Visual Basic & Server Side Programming with PHP, MySQL and Apache.

Scope: After your graduation, you can pursue courses like MCA, M.Sc. IT, and Actuarial sciences, MBA or M.Stats from Indian Institute of Statistics. Excellent career options are available in research and teaching institutions, technical institutions and various universities. Many financial service companies, data processing, testing and research centers of Multinational companies also aggressively recruit these graduates. Students trained in Maths, Statistics & Computer Science are also favourites of software, insurance, market research, securities and banking companies. They can also take up Jobs as Programmers, Web Developers or Database Administrators within the IT Industry.


AECC 1 – Environmental Studies AECC 2 – Gender Sensitization
CC 1A – English CC 1B – English
CC 2A – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French CC 2B– Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French
DSC 1A – Differential Calculus DSC 1B – Differential Equations
DSC 2A – Descriptive Statistics and Probability DSC 2B – Probability Distributions
DSC 3A – Programming in C DSC 3B – Programming in C++



SEC 1 –  SciLab – 1

SEC 2 – SciLab – 2

CC 1C – English CC 1D – English
CC 2C – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French CC 2D – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French
DSC 1C – Real Analysis DSC 1D – Algebra
DSC 2C – Statistical Methods DSC 2D – Inference
DSC 3C – Data Structures DSC 3D – Database Management Systems


SEC 3  – 
E : Graph Theory – 1
F : Computer Organization
SEC 4 – 
G : Graph Theory – 2
H : Numerical Computing
GE I – Information Technologies – 1 GE II – Information Technologies – 2
DSC 1E – Mathematics – Paper – V DSC 1F – Mathematics – Paper – VI
DSC 2E – Statistics – Paper – V DSC 2F – Statistics – Paper – VI
DSC 3E – Programming in Java DSC 3F –  Computer Networks
DSE 1E – Elective – A : Operating Systems DSE 1F – Elective – A : PHP with MySQL
DSE 2E – Elective – B : Software Engineering DSE 2F – Elective – B : Web Technologies

AECC: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
SEC: Skill Enhancement Course
DSC: Discipline Specific Course
DSE: Discipline Specific Elective
GE: Generic Elective

Villa Advantage

  • To develop the soft skills, presentation skills and confidence levels, students are trained in effective Power point presentations
  • To give completeness to the program, Certificate Courses are offered in various  disciplines
  • To keep abreast with the current Business news, students have access to various Business magazines and newspapers, Journals
  • Guest lectures by eminent Academicians & Industry Experts
  • Field trips to MNC’s, industries, Container Corporations, Dockyards, Export Houses for practical exposure.
  • Skill based competitions to test their practical and creative exposure
  • Corporate Placements

Admission Guidelines:

Students who have passed the Intermediate examination/CBSE/ISE or its equivalent are eligible for admission into BSc (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science).