Junior College

Established in 1991, VILLA MARIE JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR GIRLS (VMJC) portrays the journey of 25years of commitment, 25 years of care, 25 years of fulfilment, 25 years of success and 25 years of pride.

VILLA MARIE with their courses helps and prepares students for future challenges.


VILLA MARIE Junior College formulates students for the futuristic challenges and enabling VILLA MARIANS to broaden their horizons globally!.

It offers courses which are very much in demand and the syllabus is designed by the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education. The courses offered are as follows:

Second Language: Sanskrit, French, Hindi and Arabic (Students can opt for any 1 subject of their choice).


The applicant should have passed recognized qualifying 10th standard from SSC, CBSE, ICSE, or any other equivalent board at national/international levels. All other boards except state boards need to apply for eligibility to the Board of Intermediate Education.


Some of the remarkable attributes of Villa Marie Junior College include:

Diverse and accomplished team of permanent faculty

  • Thorough guidance
  • High-tech labs
  • Skill-based competitions
  • Certificate courses to add value to students
  • Fun-based outdoor learning & Field trips
  • Enhancement of oratory skills
  • Guest lectures for career orientation
  • Personalized counseling session
  • Groomed for global career opportunities
  • Open forum & debates conducted for an extra edge
  • Multiple opportunities to showcase talents
  • Bridge the gap between classroom study and professional career perspectives


Not every student has a similar level of grasping power. Hence, diverse methodologies are opted for boosting up the students.

The students of Bi.P.C and M.P.C are encouraged for National Science Olympiad while M.E.C students take up the quantitative and qualitative assessment as part of the International Math Olympiad.

The classrooms equipped with LCD projectors make the students actively involved, stimulate thinking, encourage interaction and support collaboration. Therefore, it is an exciting learning process.

Collectively (i.e. M.E.C, C.E.C, Bi.P.C & M.P.C), all the students get involved in the International Science/Mathematics/English Olympiad with the aim of promoting Science, Mathematics and English. Even unique competitive platforms are offered to them as an opportunity to prove themselves.

Certificate Courses: For the students of C.E.C, certificate courses in cooperation with Instituto Design Innovation in Fashion Design, Interior Design and Photography was offered.


  • Student performance is evaluated with accuracy
  • Students learn the magnitude of time management
  • Play a crucial role in aligning students to gear up for PUBLIC EXAMINATION assertively

For more details please call us at +91 40 23391966/23306302 or email us at villamarieedu@gmail.com