Admissions are in progress for 2021 - 2022   |   Click Here For Admissions 2021-2022   | Contact for admissions- department- 9849081310, 9885190824, 9949567575, 9032234036. B.Sc department- 9885630590.,BBA department- 9989393038 , BA department- 8897564426. Villa Marie Degree College for Women, takes great pride and honor to announce our UNIVERSITY TOPPERS! TOP 10 Ranks in B.Com Foreign Trade and TOP 7 Ranks in B.Com Advertising.


Set in sylvan surroundings Villa Marie College boasts of a sound infrastructure. A building replete with all the amenities provides the ambience, conducive to nurture the student’s all round development.


The primary mission of the VILLA MARIE Office is to facilitate the academic experience of students enrolled in OSMANIA University, from the time of registration to graduation.

  • The office is responsible for keeping all student records (past and present) and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of such records.
  • Providing accurate information to the university that controls the general direction of instruction, research, and examination leading to the award of degrees.
  • The office helps to enforce and implement academic and administrative policies; as well as provides assistance in the development of, and modifications to, such policies and procedures that will best serve the student community.
  • Supports the following activities: maintenance and publication of curricula; class and examination timetabling; new student registration; module enrolment; examination administration; and issue of official academic transcripts and degree scrolls.
  • Acts an interface between the students and their parents, there by enlightening the parents time to time about the status quo of the college.
  • Office Telephone facility for the students for easy access during emergencies
  • Adhar based Biometric Attendance system to maintain transparency and accuracy in the attendance


  • Convenient and easy to students and the staff.
  • Availability of all the required study material
  • Photostats and spiral binding available
  • Equipped with all the office supplies and stationery needs.


Lectures act as a starting point for students’ research. Villa Marie college has designated Classroom Technology & Events as the learning space in the college.While learning happens in many locations and ways, our general-use classrooms continue to be an integral component of the college’s academic mission. Every classroom at Villa Marie includes currently installed teaching equipment.In academics working at the forefront of their field, lectures are a fantastic opportunity to find out about the latest research and provide the opportunity to explore particular topics in more detail. They’re led by academics but you’re expected to actively contribute to the discussions.

  • Well ventilated ,spacious classrooms.
  • Comfortable seating arrangement
  • Each class accessorised with state-of –art LCD Projectors
  • Convenient blackboard n white board teaching


  • A meeting place of the intellectuals
  • Nexus for decision making and educational Strategies
  • Educational policies and principles drafted
  • A place where ideas amalgamate


  • The hallmark of Villa Marie Degree College for Women
  • 2 Seminar halls accommodating around 350 students each.
  • Teamwork, intercollegiate interaction, guest lectures, paper presentations, seminars, workshops etc are often conducted here
  • Equipped with the latest audio visual aids
  • A perfect place for healthy & interactive interactions among students & Mentors.

Main Auditorium – Inculcating Versatility

  • State-of-the-art auditorium with contemporary acoustics.
  • An impressive stage for conducting Seminars & Symposiums.
  • Centrally air-conditioned with a seating capacity of 350.
  • Provides comfortable step-seating arrangements for the delegates.

Library – The Knowledge treasury

  • The students get to choose from a plethora of books, magazines and journals
  • 28,593 books on record available.
  • The reference section currently has more than 4000 books with new additions every year.
  • To keep the students abreast with the current affairs, Delnet , an e-resource webpage of our library was launched for student’s login and access all the reading material available .
  • Library has also subscribed to a few e-journals.the library provides a multimedia facility to the students and facilitates online access.The system is intergrated into the Open Access Catalogue(OPAC) for easy tracking of books in circulation.
  • Also maintains a record of previous set of question papers.

LABS – Innovation is our tradition

Commerce Lab – The lifeline of trade

In keeping tact with the Osmania University norms, Villa Marie has initiated a Commerce Lab for the benefit of students, to develop global competency and keep abreast with the recent practices in the business world.

  • Practical exposure of the processes & procedures followed by organisations in conducting commercial practices.
  • The lab provides practical orientation to students by linking the subject syllabi with practical training in the lab.
  • Showing vouchers, explaining concepts with living examples, introducing students to the annual reports of the companies, documents on foreign trade, banks and insurance companies.
  • The commerce Lab is well equipped with the latest teaching aids such as LCD Projector, Scanner, and Printer & Computers with updated software


Villa Marie offers Computer education with the latest advancement in technology. The college has


    • Three centrally air-conditioned computer labs with over three hundred computer systems.
    • The most modern, highly functional, state-of-the-art computer labs.
    • A 1:1 computer to student ratio is managed to the comfort level of the student. The entire campus has a switch based Local Area Network operating under Windows-NT.
    • Various platforms such as DOS, Linux, Windows-95, Window-98 and Windows-NT. The systems are supported with high speed network, laser printers, scanners and CD-writers.
    • The centre is equipped with variety of Application Software such as JAVA, Case-Tools, Lotus Smart Suite, Oracle, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Tally ERP 9.0 & MS Office-10.
    • Latest versions of software, internet facility and online demos help in constant up gradation of the students. It is the hallmark of a planned and scientific approach towards the computer literacy program.

Psychology LAB – Come and know yourself

  • Updated with latest equipment for the experiments that are taught as a part of the curriculum.
  • The lab learning ensures that students perform well in practical examination and have a grasp over the concepts.
  • It houses the latest apparatus which include learning, problem solving, attention, memory, concept formation, Illusion, Intelligence and emotions.
  • It also includes paper-pencil experiment based tests on anxiety, depression, emotional intelligence, self-concept, adjustment.
  • The lab has soft boards and notice boards for display of required material.
  • The students are introduced to the lab in the second year of their degree course.
  • They are given a holistic view of different ways of psychological assessment which they later pursue as a career option.

Mass Communication LAB – Shutterbugs in the making

In modern society, communication skills are considered a desirable qualification for better employment particularly media professionals.

  • Mass comm. Lab is the most happening lab .
  • Students gets hands–on experience during the short–film
  • Facilities like dubbing, shooting, editing with the latest technology available
  • Well–equipped with Radio studio, dubbing studio and softwares
  • Provides over all exposure in the field of Broadcast and Print Journalism

Counselling Cell – hear the experienced,they are live manuals

  • Change of mind,change of life
  • Internal and external challenges of students resolved to empower them
  • Close assessment and warm interaction
  • Facilitate academic,emotional ,social ,cognitive development of students
  • Confidential counselling of the students.
  • Emotional and mental along with thier studies is the priority
  • Helps students overcomes stress and develop emotional intelligence

Sports And Recreation

  In Fine Fettle – the fitness hub

  • Well equipped gymnasium with trained coaches.
  • Villa Marie offers many unique and exciting opportunities for students to cheer on and stay physically fit at state-of-the-art.
  • Programs and services include group exercise, personal training, instructional courses.


  • Villa Marie Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation offers opportunities for sports instruction and participation at all levels.
  • As a department ,it is committed to our core values – the pursuit of Excellence in creating an environment that: develops Community; provides Education; inspires Leadership; and promotes Wellness.
  • Villa MArie offers a variety of competitive, instructional, and recreational sport clubs. A sampling of these includes indoor games such as Basket ball, hand ball, cricket, chess,and throw ball.

Canteen – Grab-and-go –eateries @ VMC

Ask anyone student about their fond memories and it will definitely trace back to their college days. No college life is complete without the hours that are spent at everyone’s favorite spot – “The canteen”. The food served that no amount of money or fancy restaurants can replace the college canteen

  • grab-and-go -eateries offers and serves a wide range of delectable dishes.
  • with quick bites of healthy dishes that are rich in nutrition as well as hygienic value
  • a place to eat but also a hub out of classroom discussion.
  • a great place for socializing with friends and peers, small-talks filled with fun and laughter,
  • something magical about the food served .
  • ‘college canteen’ is enough to make one feel nostalgic.
  • appetizing food caters to diverse taste buds at subsidized rates.

Parking Lot – A Service That Makes a Grade

Where parking transportation is headed as the wrestle of parking woes, often considered as one of the thorniest issues on campus. Managing parking of vehicles requires attention to the minute details.

  • Surveying ingress and egress patterns and ensuring proper parking facilities.
  • VMC put minds to work to cover better, smarter, and more efficient ways of managing parking facilities.
  • Less Chaotic and hassle-free.
  • leading-edge campus parking lot
  • Provides security and greater convenience for parking the vehicles of staff and students.

Safety and Security – assurance is the priority for us

  • Safety in all-girls institution is on our priority list.
  • we abide by the safety norms of the educational institution by having a fire extinguisher
  • Licensed and reliable security uniformed men from a reputed security agency
  • Vigil mechanism with inward /outward register at the entrance
  • Entire campus is secured with CCTV surveillance