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Osmania University emerging as hub for Afro-Asians

With each passing year, the number of foreign students is increasing in Osmania University. Till date students from 87 countries have studied at the university. Students from Maldives to Malawi, Somalia to Sudan are making their way to Hyderabad.

Interestingly, it is from African countries that most students come to study. In the 2016-17 academic year, from Yemen (500), Somalia (784), Sudan (285), Nigeria (155), Djibouti (108), Kenya (76), Ethiopia (83) joined several courses.

Thanks to the soft approach to war torn countries by the Modi government, a large number of students from Afghanistan are now coming to Osmania University. Last year, 485 Afghani students enrolled for courses. Iranian students have been a regular at Osmania University. Last year, 367 students joined the university.

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